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We’re not the conventional advertising agency…

…we're something quite different.

We build brands.

We provide distinct, creative solutions with solid marketing expertise to elevate brands. With over 80 years of combined branding experience, VIVX™ Branding Solutions defines our clients brands as the leader in their category.

The art of branding has changed, shouldn't you?


Video based marketing has increased over 41% since 2016.


 Consumer trust and credibility has increased 75% by expanding the brand's digital footprint.


80% of online consumers purchased through social media advertising.


Latest Projects

Our Services


At  VIVX™, branding is what we do. Whether it is the creation of a new brand, maintenance of an existing brand or the reimagination of a struggling brand, we understand your challenge. Our team consists of branding strategists who offer an unparralelled level of experience in brand communication. Knowing what is needed, and more importantly, what is not needed is key to effectively reaching your audience.

  • Brand architecture

  • Brand positioning

  • Brand identity

  • Branding guidelines

  • Re-branding

  • Brand experience


Now more than ever, it's crucial you connect with your audience. It's just not good enough to produce beautiful imagery. It has to perform. It has to have meaning. It has to stand above the competition. If not, it just becomes  more noise...instantly forgettable. That's what is so exciting about VIVX™: having a group of creatives that not only know their craft, they know how to effectively use it.


With a wide range of in-house capabilities, VIVX™ has the ability to deliver for our clients on time and on budget. We control every aspect of the project from inception to deliverable. We're proud to offer the region's largest film and photography studio as well as in-house graphic design, writing, animation, and other creative execution services.

  • Film production

  • Product photography

  • Graphic design

  • Animation

  • Sound design

  • Writing

  • Script development


Core Team


Joe Ferralli


Joe has been the visual force behind numerous successful brands and ad agency creative for more than 27 years. His work is distinguished by breakthrough creative that has a strategic purpose. His unique visual approach to film, photography and cutting-edge use of robotics has brought national and international clients to the door. As a successful entrepreneur, he understands the challenges of owning and managing a business. That unique perspective adds a commitment to ensure every client project will not only be distinctive but will positively impact the client’s brand.


Dave Peterson


Working in a wide range of motion graphic disciplines, David is the creative genius behind all of our award-winning motion graphics. He's fluent in 2d and 3d animation and known for his expertise in product modeling and prototyping. He's also our resident motion control robot programmer. Starting his career in Chicago, David brings a sophisticated visual style which has become a hallmark of our motion graphics work. His work can be seen in national television advertising, digital and social media campaigns where his creative execution was the difference we needed for success.


Mark Mleczko

Display Solutions

As the leader of VIVX™ Display Solutions, our large format graphic and fabrication division, Mark brings over 25 years of experience to the table. Highly creative and infinitely knowledgeable of signage, packaging, point of purchase, vehicle graphics, tradeshow design and manufacturing, Mark and his team always bring a creative and effective solution. With in-house design and fabrication, VIVX™ Display Solutions is a indispensable asset to bring our clients vision to life allowing us to control the quality and efficiency for our clients needs.



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